Loeuvre, an innate sense of French chic, pays attention to visual trends.
The spirit of Loeuvre draws its inspiration from the basis of visual experience such as light, shadow.
Lines, colors and materials of the articles are well thought out to create an ‘article’ like a real ‘work’.
Each Loeuvre is created after a long reflection to give a new and special experience to the clients. Minimal, unique and luxurious, the design of L’oeuvre reveals originality with geometric patterns and offers trendy colors according to the seasons.
After a study on the tastes of the customers, the variation of the materials, the direction of the colors of each design are delicately chosen.
Loeuvre means a set of works of an artist, of an author.
Inspired by contemporary aesthetics and modern architecture, Loeuvre creates a particular design and image to offer an ‘oeuvre’ to clients.