Nigel Preston is the iconic luxury English Sheepskin, leather and suede designer brand and Fashion House. The founder, Nigel Preston, went to art school and trained as a painter and graphic designer and started designing and making clothes for friends in the late ’60s when he set up his first design studio. He created, fitted and hand made stage garments for Queen, Suzi Quatro, Stevie Nicks, The Stones, Kate Bush and Emerson Lake & Palmer and many more. The V & A showcased Nigel Preston, British Vogue acclaimed them as the first designers to cut leather as if it were silk. With over thirty years experience, his wife Brenda has also worked as a sheepskin and leather design consultant for many leading International fashion designers and high fashion retail store groups and has secured many successful collaborations, manufacturing and producing Private Label for major retailers and designer brands. Nigel Preston continues to be a globally acclaimed brand for its beautiful luxurious women’s coats, designer menswear, accessories, jewellry and home collections up to today.