How would you combine a “little black dress”? Would you hold a Modrian or a Malevich ? But how?
Olga Karntasidi, is an art collector and owner of art spaces for over 15 years in Athens and Moscow, she studied Marketing in Greece and Fine Arts at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London, in collaboration with Ilianna Livaditi , who is professionally active for many years in the field of woman’s fashion having expertise of designing and creating decorative objects with unique materials, they invented they own special line PROSAC, Art & Fashion Design Clutches. The handmade handbags PROSAC are small works of art of minimal aesthetics. The first PROSAC collection draws inspiration from symbols (bird-freedom) , semi-precious stones (Jade Stone which was said to attract love and fortune) and from distinctive patterns or details from works of world-famous artists of the Russian Avant-Garde current and movements in the early 20th century. The unique PROSAC handbags on which the name of selected and notable artists is indicated e.g. the «Black Square and Red Square» (Kazimir Malevich), are produced and made available in very small quantities as limited edition objects in Greece and abroad.

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