Aetra – Daniele Antonopoulou


After graduating in fashion design some years later, Daniele went to Patras to reconnect with her family roots. There she unexpectedly received an invitation from a local jeweller to learn the art of silversmithing. Admiration for the craftsmanship of silver jewellery led Daniele to pursue the art of designing carefully crafted pieces. After this transforming experience in the Greek countryside Daniele would ultimately start Aetra and base her studio in Berlin.

Founded upon three solid pillars, AETRA is inspired by a melange of the most striking characteristics of Brazil, Greece, and Berlin. From such contrasting and at the same time unusually complimentary places, Daniele Antonopoulos brings an autobiographical concept, pushing the limits between self and body, time and place. Much like the stories of culture we pass down through generations, AETRA embodies stories of personal yet timeless familiarity.

What defines your style?

My first collection is based on autobiographical concept and explores the contrasting atmospheres of the three places that inspired the creation of the brand. From Greece, cradle of civilisation and roots of its creator, the organic fluidity of landscapes and senses. In Berlin, where the brand was founded, the sharp and edged lines translate the always urban, pulsating and cosmopolitan German capital. From Brazil, the energetic movement, materialised in curves.

What are your most commonly used materials?

Sterling silver

Our Favourite Jewellery Pieces by Aetra

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