Alexandra Jacoumis


Her journey into the world of jewellery making started when she acquired a degree in Jewellery Design & Practice at Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media & Design in London. Following her studies, she worked for ethical jeweller Pippa Small in Notting Hill, London for four years. During that time she was able to perfect her craft and find her own voice. True inspiration came after having spent several months travelling around India and Greece. Her proximity to rich textiles, textures, colours and stories moved her to create a unique collection.
Alexandra’s jewellery is made by embroidering detailed forms which are then transformed into solid 18kt gold, retaining the exact intricate detail of the thread. Afterwards, precious and semi-precious stones, such as black diamonds and sapphires, are added. Delicate and tactile, these pieces are organic. They are reminiscent of the past technique of hand-sewing and yet, they are modern and ready to wear.
In 2014, Alexandra’s jewellery business plan was chosen and supported by the Prince’s Trust Enterprise Programme. She will also be appearing at London Fashion Week, in the emerging designers, Fashions Finest Showroom this September 2017.

What defines your style?

Being of Greek origin, I was always inspired by the traditional and ancient crafts in order to create jewellery that is distinctive and original. Therefore, my style is mainly defined by the technique I use in order to convey textures of textiles and embroidery into precious jewellery. I love the idea of jewellery being significant and sentimental, passed down from generation to generation.

What are your most commonly used materials?

Gold and precious stones.

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Alexandra Jacoumis Crown Rings

Jewellery storytelling from the past

Mignon and delicate pieces of unique textures, inspired by Greek traditional embroidery

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