Having lived for over a decade in two of Europe’s most cosmopolitan capitals, London and Paris, Daphne escaped the Paris Covid lockdown and returned to her childhood country house in Athens, Greece with the dream of creating her own jewelry brand. A brand that brings something timeless, authentic and unparalleled. So, about a year ago, on a small Olive grove hill, a house full of boxes and and a woman full of experiences and images, Alkemeya was born. And while for some, this period may seem short, as she tells us “I had the idea in my mind for years”. Using materials such as gold, precious and semi-precious stones, Daphne designed timeless pieces of jewelery drawing inspiration from nature, history, but also from women who have played a decisive role in her life. “Jewelry is not just a beautiful object, it is a constant form of personal expression, depicting an idea of ​​who we are and reminding us that even if we live in a changing world, there is a deeper eternal flow of things that keeps us close to our roots and connects us to our past”.

What defines your style?

 The idea of ​​expression through jewelry became intense in Paris. “ The aesthetics and art of Paris were a huge source of inspiration for me. Paris is where I discovered the aesthetic values and style of the French. I had the luck to live in the most quaint neighbourhood of Paris, the Marais, where I was inspired by the charm of Rue Charlot , Rue de Sévigné and Rue Pastourelle, and got acquainted with the local Parisian artisanal products.

What are your most commonly used materials?

I use gold and precious or semi-precious stones because I strongly believe in the timelessness of materials and the incorruptibility of matter.


Alkemeya_Daphne Tsitsiliani

Our Favourite Jewellery Pieces by Alkemeya