Alveare jewelry is founded and designed by Dina Harharou. Since her childhood Dina has been fascinated by one of the most obscure artists of the natural world: the bees. Inspired by the bees and their meticulous work, day by day creating a great colony, Dina’s first collection was named “Honeycombs”. The word Alveare (Latin for “beehive”) signifies for Dina the amount of hard work and collectiveness involved in creating something beautiful – whether tangible or intangible. Inspiration may come from a book, a painting, a talk, from any external or internal stimuli making the beehive ever-growing and ever-changing. There are a lot of steps from the conception of a jewelry piece until its completion, and a lot of “busy bees” play their part in each creation.
Dina believes there can be a deep connection between a piece of jewelry and its wearer, one that lasts throughout the years, and tries to enhance this connection through the energy that natural stones carry, with each stone and each color telling a different story. Attention is placed in inspiring the daily wearability of the jewelry, creating at the same time both elegant and youthful pieces.

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