i-D ProjectArt at Αrt Athina 2019

14-16 September 2019



The greatest Art Fair of Athens and one of  the biggest annual cultural events of Greece, Art Athina 2019, reconvenes for the 24th year in a brand new venue in the heart of Athens.  Athenians and art enthusiasts had the pleasure to enjoy art from Saturday 14th to Monday 16th of September 2019 at the historic Zappeion Mansion.

i-D Project Art  participated  for the first time presenting the works of three contemporary Greek artists: Lydia Venieri, Thalia Gatzouli and Pavlos Samios.

Lydia Venieri was inspired by the enduring magic of love and created a series of works capturing the diversity of emotions. She deciphers her “cards” by using our subconscious and leading us to obscure paths of our soul. Her symbols mysteriously get connected with the origin of the tarots cards and her colorful figures unite the material and the spiritual world. Her unique vision plays games with our inner self by creating opposite feelings and leads us to a higher inner degree. 

Thalia Gatzouli’s artistic narrative is inevitably influenced by her experience and involvement, over the years, in the scientific study and investigation of cell structure and function.  From this pool of images that she has acquired begins a meditation on the concept of matter and life. The physical and chemical properties of atoms and molecules, the composition of matter, the energy, matter’s wear and degradation—these are the raw materials she uses to compose her personal artistic landscape.

 Through this process she tries to ask questions about how the instincts operate, how sensations are expressed, how desires are met, how memories are registered, and how perception is embodied, parallel to and simultaneously with the basic life functions.


Pavlos Samios , with “broken History” explores how time affects history in a series of works on cardboard that juxtapose ancient art with street art, the past and the present.

This easy, material, synonym of movement, becomes the canvas depicting ancient symbols and the bridge between antiquity and now. Ancient statues are fragmented on different pieces of cardboard, in order to signify deconstruction and a re-approach of historical time. Contemporary Greek reality is stated on the paintings with colorful anionic graffiti, which was added by Sami to the finishing of his works. In this way the attempt is made to transmit the spirit of History to the daily routines of modern Athens.