Contessina By Clara Poulantza


Clara is a multi product fashion designer the last 20 years with professional experience and studies in Greece, London and Paris mainly in the fields of fashion, costume design, interiors and Human Centred Design. “Contessina” is a family fashion brand established in Athens in 1958 by her grand mother. Today the brand is based both in Athens & London and runs from the third generation of the family, her sister Agi Poulantza-Pamoukoglou and herself. Clara always looks for original, meaningful, sustainable and socially conscious ideas in design while she is interested in bringing into the market modern, innovative interpretations of traditional handmade craftsmanships, that she cherishes a lot. She also combines, quite often, fashion with fine arts. Her collections portray a discreet fine luxury and elegance out of a romantic soul.

The inspiration of “My Precious Lace” collection originated from her long experience in knitwear design and her love for Fine Artisanship and the delicate, intricate quality of Lace. “My Precious Lace“, honours ancient traditional lace making techniques spread around the world since 1400 often seen on artworks of Rococo and Baroque periods. Contemporary beautiful with echoes of heritage inspired by Art and Nature, each pair of earrings, each choker necklace, ring and bracelet weaves silk, delicate metallic threads and rich natural gems to create something sophisticated, understated and unique.Thanks to the mastery of meticulous and careful needlework by women artisans mainly in Greece, transcending fashion “My Precious Lace Collection“ has already been hosted in art exhibitions and museum shops internationally, bridging Contessina’s designs with the world of applied and fine arts.

What defines your style?

I love worldwide fine arisanship and the romantic intricate quality of lace; An effortless elegant, contemporary style with echoes of heritage.

What are your most commonly used materials?

I use silk and metallic threads with natural gemstones, I always prefer natural materials

Our Favourite Jewellery Pieces by Contessina Athens London