Dori Mouzannar


“Pieces of jewelry have to be wearable sculptures, and this is possible when technique and vision are put together” It all starts with the desire to design a piece of jewel that challenges form, proportions and beauty.

Dori Mouzannar is the 6th generation jeweller from the renowed family of A&W Mouzannar jeweler established in Beirut since the 18th century. After completing a degree in economics in London, and specializing in gemology he starts working in the jewelry field.

Dori’s designs intermingle the traditional with the modern, looking to infuse each piece with the character, timelessness, and sense of daring that his ancestors preserved for them to thrive through.

His jewels shine with bright light, they are alive with movement, beauty, volumes, sin and sensuality, bold statements, opulence, powerful use of lots of colors and stones, all meticulously set. 

He brought to life the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Bright Night Fantasy Bra with a team of skilled artisans and detailed craftsmanship.

The unique signature of Dori is a small ruby stone, a signature on all his creations sitting in discretion, yet noticed at first glance.

What defines your style?

Boldness yet with detailed craftsmanship.

What are your most commonly used materials?

Precious stones and diamonds set on 18cts gold.

Our favorite jewellery pieces from Dori Mouzannar

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