Eikosi Dyo – Melanie Nydegger


A fashion stylist for the last ten years and always passionate about jewellery, Melanie Nydegger has a curious and instinctive temperament, constantly looking to discover what makes her tick. In love with freedom, she left her native Switzerland and settled in Paris, where she studied dramatic arts. After performing in front of the camera and on stage, she turned towards fashion looking once more for a new experience. As a self-taught quick learner, she immersed herself in the techniques of jewellery making, and with unbridled enthusiasm learned everything she needed to know from a jeweller and mentor who took her under his wing. She finds the grace of her inspiration in Greece, reinterpreting the design codes of good luck charms; she has created a breezy collection of jewellery marked by simplicity with a fierce desire to share the aura of Greece. She enthusiastically embarked on this adventure, which she now calls eikosi dyo, meaning “twenty two” in Greek, “the day of everything changed” for her!

What defines your style?

My style is marked by simplicity and the fresh the aura of Greece.

What are your most commonly used materials?

Gold, silver, diamonds and shells 

Melanie Nydegger Portrait

Our Favourite Jewellery Pieces by Eikosi Dyo

Melanie Nydegger’s Collection

In a mood for summery a romance. Every piece of jewellery smells like the breeze from the Greek islands and the Aegean sea. Day-to-night precious and petit pieces for all occassions.

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