Elie Top


Elie Top’s style tends towards a very elaborate sketch characterised by its strength and pure lines, attention to detail and assembly: Couture know-how that skilfully slides into a contemporary spirit. In 2010, Elie Top starts his collaboration with Baccarat through the jewelry collection ‘Bouchons de Carafe’. He takes his inspiration from Baccarat’s heritage, as a reference to carafe stoppers and perfume bottles from the Roaring Twenties’ collections. With XXL rings and extravagant cuff bracelets, Elie Top treats us with this ultra-modern and very Baccarat collection. Extremely precise lines, superior finishes and the magical association of crystal and metal sublimated by entirely hand cut crystal makes each sparkling piece unique: Elie Top embodies the spirit of Baccarat jewelry.

What defines your style?

Mystery, magic, enigma, the elements of earth and space  

What are your most commonly used materials?

Gold, silver, diamonds, onyx and other precious stones

Elie Top Portrait

Our Favourite Jewellery Pieces by Elie Top

An Extravagant Collection

Extravagant and XXL large fine jewellery pieces for those who appreciate luxury and the charm of mystery.

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