Elie Top, Magica Naturae in Athens

Elie Top
Elie Top, the Paris based jewellery designer who had his breakthrough designing jewellery for YSL and Lanvin, has once again visited Athens. The celebrated designer presented, by the invitation of Irene Deros, his unique new collection MAGICA NATURAE in the Spyros Loverdos Foundation Library. With this collection he leaves behind his signature gothic aesthetics and industrial designs, and explores the mysterious world of nature. Part of the evolution himself, he studies the Magic of Nature, the primeval forms and creates precious sculptures and statement pieces but also incorporates more accessible ones. “Transformed into sculptures of stone and metal, these animals from precious armor, coiling around a wrist, resting on hands and swinging from the necks of the new proud Amazons. From one forest to another, the Magic of Nature” -Elie Top An old mine-cut diamonds bird, a chameleon, a turtle of sapphires, a crocodile of emeralds and diamonds, star, amongst others, in the universe of MAGICA NATURAE. A powerful and aesthetic armor for every woman from the forest to the bustling cities. i-D FineJewellery hosts the “Magica Naturae” collection as well as the previous collections of Elie Top and welcomes you into a unique fine jewellery experience.