Erietta Vordoni


Erietta Vordoni graduated with the gérât prise in amide and Dossier-Portofolio from the Athens School of Fine Arts and continued her studies in Paris at the Evole National Supérieure des Beaux Arts a scholarship from the Academy of Athens she studies under the influence of Cremonini and the sculptor Cesar and was offered a life -long atelier by the French Ministry of Culture in the middle 1990s
She was awarded the highest Painting award at the avant-garde Salon de Montrouge in 1997 in Paris and the Painting award by the National Museum of Monte Carlo
She has made 33 solo exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions around the world.

What defines your style?

For me symbols are of great importance. In my creations i often use roses which express love, pomegrenates for good luck and the flower of the lilly which expresses purity.

What are your most commonly used materials in jewellery?

Gold, precious stones and gold plated silver.

Erietta Vordoni’s work can be found in pubic collections and museums like the Museum of Modern Art (Nice, France) the Vorres Museum (Athens, Greece), the Queen’s Museum (New York) and others. Her installations adorn public spaces in Athens..

Our Favourite Jewellery Pieces by Erietta Vordoni 

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