Eva Papadopoulou


I was fortunate enough to grow up in an artistic environment, my family’s art foundry, where I worked for a good many years and experienced from close the work of many Greek and foreign sculptors. During this period I observed and processed forms, shapes and materials, an experience that eventually created the desire to express myself in some way, to tell my own story, triggered by observations and emotions, yet also very personal. My family comes from Skyros and Macedonia, Greece. This background linked me to the places as well as the rich history and proud tradition that has been kept alive throughout the ages; passing on sounds, movements and colors from one generation to the next. I always felt inspired by ancient myths and so for my first collection I created the series MYTHS AND LEGENDS. This has finally given me, and perhaps some of you, the opportunity to wear a piece of jewelry that I imagine could once have been worn by Hecuba or Olympia, maybe Ariadne, or even the beautiful Helen…In order to achieve a quality virtually lost in an era of mass production, all the pieces in this series are hand crafted in Greece, cast out of sterling silver which is then 24 karat gold plated.For the past five years I have lived and worked in Paris.

What defines your style?

Style is a matter of behavior; the way a person walks can have style, the way someone talks or moves. A piece of jewelry or an accessory is there to add a little extra to what already exists.

Which are your most commonly used materials?

Silver and Silver Plated

Eva Papadopoulou Portrait

Our Favourite Jewellery Pieces by Eva Papadopoulou

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Eva Papadopoulou is also the designer and creator of the accessories brand Kridemnon

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