Androniki Chila       “In to it”

The feeling of constant search, in an endless path through inner journeys, is formulated by Androniki Chila through her new individual exhibition titled “In to it” and it is taking place at i-D ProjectArt. Maria Xanthakos is the curator of ProjectArt and Androniki’s Chila’s exhibition.

Through strong gestural writing that has many expressionistic elements, Androniki Chila personifies our emotion with an abstract look. An anxious artist who does not hesitate to cope with her fears to lead to clearance and to send optimistic messages to the audience.

“”In to it” has to do with our intention,” she says. “It gives a positive attitude, it refers to the quest, to the endless path towards the light. If you want to live, you will live. If you want to reach the light, you will.”

Duration:  26th September 2018 till 20th of October 2018.