Konstantinos Patsios was born in Athens in 1977. He studied Economics and Law at the University of Piraeus and Grande École de Commerce of Poitiers in France. Then he studied at the Athens Fine Arts University, painting with G. Psychopaidis and M. Spiliopoulos ,sculpture with N. Tranos and continued at the Rhode Island school of design Providence,U.S.A. He has had six solo and has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Solo exhibitions: “The lost Parthenon”, Gallery Melkart, Paris, edited by Leoni Gavrias, 2016 “Medea”, Positions art fair Berlin, Alma gallery, 2015. “The Twisted Odyssey”, Underdog gallery, London, 2015 Blender gallery, Athens, 2015 “The Divine Comedy”, Fizz gallery, curated by Alexis Papazacharias Athens 2010. “Sugar Mao” ReMap 2, curated by Marina Fokidis, Athens 2009 “Mr Cannibal” , Fizz Gallery, 2008 Group exhibitions (illustrative) Art Athina 2016, Melkart gallery, Blender gallery “The Young and the Restless”, edited by Louisa Karapidaki, Evripides Art Gallery, 2016 “Filoxenia”, Museum of contemporary art, curator Megaklis Rogkakos, Chania – Kreta 2015 Heroica, Art Athina Platforms, curator Provo Principles 2015 «For” Byzantine museum, curator Elina & Dora Theodoropoulou, Athens 2014 “vanitas”, edited by John Bolis and Cube Gallery, Old Baths Patras, 2014 “Statement made” Art Athina, curated by Artemis Potamianou June 2014 Metavasi, curator Provo Principles -John Bollis, Municipal Art Gallery, Athens Greece 2013 The Artweek – project, curated by Anne Lildholdt Jensen, Ampenra Denmark, 2009 “The portrait of a museum” Averoff Museum, Metsovo, 2008 Contemporary Istanbul – gallery Expression, Kon / town 2007 Goldener Centaur, Münchner Künstlerhaus, Munich 2007 “FATA MORGANA” Benaki Museum diligence G. Psychopaidis, Athens 2006.