Vangelis Kyris The Deco Portraits

Vangelis Kyris

Vangelis Kyris was born in Athens, Greece and his studies include Courses in art history and fashion design.His multidimensional career started at the most popular magazines of the times ( Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Votre Beauté etc. ) where he held the sought-after position of the fashion editor at a considerably early age.Commercial work followed that led to international projects such as Puma and Nina Ricci.His extensive body of work not only includes fashion editorials but celebrity sittings as well, like the ones of Woody Allen, Jean Michel Jarre, Gisele Bundchen, Jerry Hall, Sergei Polunin and others.Also took part in Georgio Armani’s book Facce da Sport in 2004 and in Armani/Silos museum and digital archive project “Emotions of the athletic body” in 2016.Vangelis Kyris as an art photographer, draws inspiration from the very fundamentals of human existence. Nature, religion and the perplexed emotional world of the human being, in various forms and geography, are the themes behind his images that are always underlined by his ever lasting obsession with beauty. Not the decorative and vacant mainstream kind but one that never lacks a sincere, rich and unsurpassed context, in whichever form of beauty there can be.