Zetta Antsakli was born in Athens.

She studied and worked as translator in French, English, and Italian  language while completing her studies in Photography alongside Andreas Smaragdis and Platon Rivellis.

She first  published a collection of her photographs “Sight and Site” Kastaniotis Editions S.A. which she presented at the Benaki Museum,the Bysantine Museum in Thessaloniki and The Reading Society in Corfu.”A meander in a game of forms,images,colours and shadows.A journey that starts in the eyes of a woman in Cappadocian Nevsehir and comes to an end in Italian Milan,where some perhaps unconfessed love tries to acquire substance through hasty roadside graffiti”

She exhibited her work ,in solo and group  exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

It was with great success that she participated to  the MIA MILAN IMAGE ART FAIR  which is the first International Art fair devoted to Photography, two times.There was a great interest of the public,the collectors and buyers,the italian press and the social media .Her artwork belong to private collectors in Europe and USA.

She participated in the group exhibition “Travelling in Earth” organized by the Museum Goulandris of Natural History in Athens Greece.

Her artwork ,an installation of 16 photos,  with the title “HELLAS” belongs at the permanent collection of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the El.Venizelos,Athens Airport.While recently the artwork under the title  “together as one” HELLAS-USA” belongs to the Athens College collection. 

“The way that the artist is approaching her subject and the way she expresses it is both tactful and powerful.She is not attracted by the obvious,neither by the picturesque but always guided by the golden section of her frame. Form and subject are held in poise and this is what makes the viewer to participate”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    A.Ts. President of Tsihritzis Visual Arts Foundation