Ioanna Souflia at i-D Concept Stores

We are thrilled to introduce Ioanna Souflia’s groundbreaking work and distinctive fine jewellery

The Greek born jewellery designer, who trained initially as a lawyer and then graduated with honours from the Ba Jewellery Design in  Central Saint Martins , explains that contradiction lies at the centre of her design approach. ‘The antithesis of the logic required in law and the imagination required in jewellery has become the focal point of my aesthetic,’ she says. ‘I’ve chosen to create pieces which incorporate an array of diverse elements.’ 

Souflia carves herself marble from the island of Thasos, Greece, and manipulating it to a much smaller scale than we are used to. The result is unexpected, as we are accustomed to marble carved and shaped into large objects or polished for flooring.

At the Adieu and Adoucissement Collections, marble becomes as precious as the  gold and the diamonds that Ioanna Souflia is using to create her sculptural yet classical pieces. Elevating marble to a precious status changes our perception of this classical but unconventional component.

Blueprints, her latest collection, is a visual documentation of metropolitan skies through the grid of architectural presence. Each piece of jewelry is a frame, capturing the endless canvas of intricate urban volumes and how they interact with, shape and ultimately reveal the blue. Following the distinctive sculptural aesthetic of her previous collections, Ioanna Souflia deconstructs volume, designing blueprints of jewelry, documenting their crisp contours, while still reflecting the sculptural identity of her work and her minimal-maximalist aesthetic.

Crafted in 18K rose gold, triangular midnight blue sapphires and brilliant cut white diamonds, Blueprints introduces  that speak of mystery, strength and femininity. 

It is precisely this that makes Ioanna’s work in fine jewelry so interesting and fresh. Not to mention that the pieces are absolute stunners!