Kridemnon x i-D Concept Stores

An exclusive presentation of Kridemnon scarves in i-D Concept Stores. As part of the events #MeettheDesigners, organised by i-D Concept Stores , on a special evening in the heart of the city, clients, friends, bloggers and press had the chance to get introduced to Kridemnon‘s scarves on Thursday, April 26th and to meet the creator.

Eva Papadopoulou  has always been an anxious spirit. A creator who turns her eyes to its roots, from where she draws her inspiration.
Kridemnon’s idea began a year and a half ago, in Paris, where the designer stayed for 9 consecutive years with the help of a valuable associate of Mickaelle Chabat.

Eva’s love for the Greek tradition and the history of her place created the need to make this accessory and give it as much as possible the Greek diachronic element and aesthetics, a precious commodity that can pass from generation to generation while maintaining its value.
Kridemnon draws inspiration from ancient times, from Homer, Plato, Aristotle, his comic and tragic myths and legends. The brand name comes from Creedmon, the divine cephalomite that saves Odysseus from Poseidon’s wrath and leads him to the land of the Phaeacians.

The first series of Kridemnon is inspired by the tradition of three islands, Skyros, Crete and Rhodes. Separate design patterns are depicted on silk and cotton scarves, available in three different sizes.

i-D Concept Stores embraced the designer’s work. Kridemnon designed 2 exclusive scarves, inspired by one of the Alaman battle and the other by Cyclical Time, especially for the stores.  i-D Concept Stores also hosts all Kridemnon’s collections, which can be found at both Boutique stores and online at

In the evening of the launch, the audience had the opportunity to see the whole collections of the brand and enjoy the specially crafted window display!