Light Boxes and more by Maria Giannakaki

Maria Giannakaki

Light Boxes and more…  by Maria Giannakaki give another aspect of painting at her new personal exhibition inaugurated on Thursday November 16th in i-D ProjectArt. It is a unit inspired by the East and creatively concentrates Maria Giannakaki’s travelling, love and artistic career in China and other exotic destinations. The artist’s teacher and mentor was Wang Dongling, a living legend of the technique of modern calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting, who is known for his monumental performances and exhibitions in the most famous galleries and museums of the world. The organizational and artistic work of ProjectArt and Maria Giannakaki’s exhibition has been undertaken by Maria Xanthakou.

The famous artist presents for the first time unique light boxes, through which her painting obtains magical and transcendent dimensions. Special artworks and vintage objects become part of the life and everyday life and obtain a useful character with the special mark of Maria Giannakaki. The light boxes are unique items that can be combined and coexist.

At the same time, the exhibition includes a series of paintings which are focused on humans, while focusing and highlighting elements of the natural and animal environment. Maria Giannakaki exhibits, also for the first time, a unique screen created out of many moving and rotating works that give the recipient the possibility of mutation and recreation. In addition, her banners also contribute to the atmosphere of traveling and escaping to the East, which is connected to the artist’s work.

«I like the idea of highlighting a special art space, such as the

, another aspect of my art», notes Maria Giannakaki.. «The idea for the creation of Light Boxes has its roots in my stay in China and my occupation and specialization in the techniques of traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy. These are experiential works and this is the reason why a small part of my workshop is transferred to the exhibition area. These are the brushes, the rice paper, the silk cloth, the ink, some of the elements that I use while creating the works. The process goes through many stages until the creation of light boxes, inside which the works are placed, having two dimensions. The first one is processed cloth, behind which the painted rice paper is placed. The light highlights the painted slides and each work gives other dimensions, often unpredictable even to me. The final outcome includes mystery, charm and play. In essence, this exhibition focuses on the concept of traveling. It is an invitation to a distant place that reminds of the East».

It is important to note that on the same day the opening of a similar exhibition of Maria Giannakaki in Aliquando, Barcelona takes place, including only Light Boxes entitled Far Away Lights.

Opening of the exhibition: Thursday November 16th 2017, 20.00

Duration of the exhibition: until December 16th 2017.

Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 10.00 -19.00. Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 10.00-21.00

i-D ProjectArt: 12 Kanari Street, Kolonaki, 10674, el. 2103221801.