Marlen Ht – Marlen Hatzopoulou


A forth-generation jewellery maker, Marlen Hatzopoulou was born and raised in Instabul where the multi-cultural environment shaped both her character and, much later, her professional path. However, her greatest influence was to experience life and art at her grandfather’s side. Marlen watched, enchanted, while he designed and crafted his pieces with care and sold them with courtesy and respect – among them the corsses and heavy pendants of the Greek Patriarchate clergy. Etched forver in her mind by vibrant colours and emotional attachment, these memories stayed with her throughout her high-school years when she and her family relocated to Athens. It was at her father’s jewellery shop this time, every summer and on high days and holidays, when Marlen was initiated further into the world of precious materials and coloured stones. The pull of this world brought out a fledging talent in Marlen, along with genuine surprise when her first few desgins were positively received. All her first pieces sold quickly, though herself did not realise it or even derise it at that time, her future path was dedicated there and then. Believing that her future lay elsewhere, Marlen studied marketing and public relations, keeping her love for jewellery to herself. But this did not last long. A tantalising suggestion by her father that she should take charge of a new shop near Syntagma Square brought her back to her true path. Marlen took on the challenge and began to immerse herself in all aspects of the jewellery business. Every day, apart fromt he design side that she was already familiar with, she discovered a more fascinating world than she could ever have imagined – a world alive with the spirit of creativity and commerce. When asked about inspiration, Mareln has an immediate answer  – for her, inspiration is part of the soul, it is the moment, it is the spirit of life itself in all its animate and inanimate forms.

What defines your style?

My style is mainly defined by pieces that can be worn as statement ones, pieces exuding an exotic and boho aura. 

What are your most commonly used materials?

Gold, ebony, meteorite, and precious stones

Marlen Hatzopolou Portrait

Our Favourite Jewellery Pieces by Marlen Ht 

Distinctive. Boho and exotic. Classy and Eastern style jewellery created with love and passion. For those who seek original statement pieces.

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