O!Lala, Poli Kooreloo!

Bold colors, flowers, smiles and fine festive mood, filled the i-D concept stores in Kolonaki, during the O!Lala, Poli Kooreloo event! In an all day event a new side of art was presented to us by the well-known artist Thanasis Lalas, where through creative collaborations, with Kooreloo®, Polina Sapouna Ellis, etc., intervenes in traditional materials and utilitarian objects creating small daily, unique artworks!

“Art is the secret that makes the reality that we live the greater, it is a magic that gives new dimensions to the everyday, the repetitiveness that kills us.This art can enter, as it deserves, in our lives, in our everyday life,
to reverse the sweeping power of boredom that empties our essence” he claims.

The art and design of Kooreloo® meets the art of Thanasis Lala and creates a different way to enter our
everyday life. Canvas is the traditional reed (kooreloo) and the result a new range of bags and accessories. A unique combination of heterogeneous materials and techniques that make handbags, belts, choker, sight-seeing attractions and give another personality to the wearer.

Polina Sapouna Ellis, jewelry designer, with her dynamic and abstract aesthetics creates the limited edition
jewelry series “Aiolos”. Colors loud, bold forms, jewelry that have a history beyond their everyday use.

… and continues with laced chocolates, cookie boxes, diaries, notebooks, dinnerware, cups!

A new range of products that you can not throw away, which when you do not use them you place them in the space where you live as art exhibits, giving more importance to everyday life!