Oona – Maria Moro


Oona, meaning ‘one’ in Gaelic, is the name given to the exclusive jewellery collection crafted by master artisans in Sri Lanka. These delicate handmade pieces feature a rich variety of natural gems and precious stones. They are all crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, with each piece truly unique, both in its design and creation. After travelling to Asia for many years, María Moro founded this jewellery brand, driven by a desire to rekindle traditional jewellery values and techniques. Her passion for travelling took her to the island of Ceylon, also known as the “Jewel of the Indian Ocean”. Ceylon is like no other place on Earth, and is home to a stunning variety of gems and precious stones: sapphires, topaz, amethysts, tourmalines, moonstones…

What defines your style?

I am always captivated by antique pieces, gems and the techniques employed by local craftsmen.

What are your most commonly used materials?

Gold and precious stones such as sapphires and diamonds.


Maria Moro Pic Oona

Our Favourite Jewellery Pieces by Oona

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