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PENELÓPE Fine Jewelry is founded and designed by Peneópe Marathovounioti.  The Penelope Jewelry brand redefines the purpose of statement jewelry by combining aesthetic beauty with spirituality. Visually, each collection captures perfectly captures the elegance of Greek Mythology, Literature, and the mysticism of symbols. Each piece has a symbolic meaning and is designed to bring harmony, safety, love, and overall positive energy to the wearer.  The Meanings Collection manifests a positive aura and promotes protection and prosperity. Hand Painted Enamel Icons, set in 14 carat gold and paved with diamonds, emeralds, rubies, tsavorites and sapphires. Precious and semi-precious stones are inspected by highly trained jewelry craftsmen for their quality and colour.  As a trained silver and goldsmith, Penelópe is committed to revive her cultural heritage by adapting ancient Cypriot techniques into modern and minimalistic shapes, only to create timeless pieces that will be passed down through generations. Penelope earned an MA degree from the university of Reading and worked in a bank before truly following her passion for jewelry. Each piece of the collection is designed carefully and crafted by master artisans in Athens.

What defines your style?

The tradition, the sacred and unusual material combinations reflect my style. Different geometric shapes as a reinterpretation of the ancient technique of filigree coupled with enamel , precious stones or pearls create pieces that embody modern luxury. 

What are your most commonly used materials?

14 carat gold with Hand Painted Enamel, Filigree Technique, Pearls and precious/ semi – precious stones.

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Our Favourite Jewellery Pieces by PENELÓPE

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