Kalikri Cotton Bandana



  • 100% Cotton
  • Handmade finishing
  • 60x60cm
  • Skyros Collection


Headscarf, a symbol that has persisted through time and connects our world with ancient times. A divine piece of cloth belonging to goddess Ino that saves Odysseus and takes him from the island of Calypso to the land of Phaeaceans.
This bandana is inspired by the rich Greek tradition and the Ancient World. Motif that can be found embroidered on tradition local costumes which have been meticulously passed on by one generation to the next until today. This flower specially, is the symbol of my Island : Skyros.

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 "The idea of Kridemnon started in Paris last winter. Out of my love for the history and tradition of my country Greece came a need to create an accessory, a scarf that somehow embraced the grandness of the past of my birthplace. Our philosophy is to work on something that is timeless and classical, but that simultaneously appeals to and suits the needs of  contemporary women and men.An idea inspired by ancient times -by Homer, Platon, Aristotle, the comedies, the tragedies, the myths and legends-, is KRIDEMNON, the divine headscarf that saves Odyseus from the fury of Poseidon and carries him to the land of the Phaeacians.  Indeed, ever since ancient times the scarf has been an accessory that emphasized people’s joys and sorrows. KRIDEMNON will win your heart."
Eva Papadopoulou & Mickaelle Chabat