Cinque Terre Portofino Gold/Red Stripes


SEAQUAL is one of the most earth friendly fibers in the world. Its high quality yarn is made from recycled materials that include post consumer plastic bottles and plastics captured from the sea, contributing to the preservation of natural resources and the reduction of waste in our planet’s water.


  • Chain Strap
  • Adorned with Kooreloo’s signature six logo-etched gold tone coin charms
  • Made with Eco Friendly Recycled Fabric
  • Lenght: 26 cm/  10.23”
  • Width: 9 cm/ 3.54”
  • Height: 16 cm/ 6.29”

Care Instructions

– Store your goods in the Dust Bag provided to keep it dust-free and protected when it is not being used.

– Avoid long-term exposure to heat, humidity and sunlight.

– Do not wash your item in a washing machine.

– Professional cleaning services are highly recommended to remove any stains or dirt.

– Keep the bag away from any detergents and cleaners as well as any liquids and oily products that could cause stains and damage.

– Do not overload your bag with very heavy or pointy items.

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Kooreloo is a distinguishable brand of unique handbags and more. It was born out of artist Leila Karagianni's realization that European chic and the Mediterranean tradition invited for an unforced, if not natural, combination. Each creation blends together the idiosyncratic modern personality of the artist with local materials that come directly from the glorious heritage of Greece. Traditional weave, semiprecious stones, luxurious, one-of-a-kind fabrics. These bags are handcrafted with exceptional care and are better described as art objects. But there is more. All kooreloo creations have a secret: when opened, splashes of Mediterranean colors are released. You can almost sense the scents of grapes, cobs and roses.