Marina Raphael

SIENNA Terracotta Crochet Suede Bag

1.750 1.400

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  • Relaxed triangular form
  • Strong black bamboo handles
  • Rich terracotta suede embroidered with white thread
  • Every handle is masterfully sculpted to resemble bamboo and is interlaid with Swarovski crystals
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Marina Raphael creations are made by hand in Florence, Italy, in the heart of the famed luxury leather goods district, brought to life by skilled artisans. Every seam, stitch and stud on all Marina Raphael products are crafted to the most exacting standards and finest skins. The delicate surfaces are soft to the touch, and pleasing to the eye offering a refined feminine finish. Setting conventional archetypes aside, Marina Raphael seeks to define the term of ‘the modern pioneer’. Evolving with the pace of technology is what sets her apart as she introduces bold creations that respect the benchmarks of classic design, while exploring modern materials and ambitious techniques.