Diana Vreeland

Eau de Parfum Smashingly Brilliant



  • Citrus notes
  • Lemon oil & Bergamot oil Calabria enhanced with aromatic notes of Verbena, Basil and Juniper Berries
  • 50 ml
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Diana Vreeland loved fragrance, and would refresh herself continually - she believed it was important to present yourself impeccably and a signature scent was paramount. Fragrance was to her -without question- mysterious and romantic, something to ignite passion and create excitement. This inspiration lead to the creation of Diana Vreeland parfums. Diana Vreeland parfums partnered with international flavors and fragrances, a world leader in the creation of great scents and collaborated with four of their renowned perfumers to create a luxury fragrance collection of the highest quality, crafted from the finest ingredients.