Vetiver Veritas Perfume



  • Unisex
  • Eau de Parfum Natural – 50ml
  • Contains 100% natural ingredients of which 72% of organic origin
  • Composition containing over 90% Haitian Vetiver of exceptional quality
  • Dry grass
  • Clean earth
  • Fresh mint
  • Fresh grapefruit
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As a designer influenced by nature it was quite logical that James Heeley should be fascinated by the world of scent. It was in France, through his design work that the young Englishman discovered how scents are 'designed' and made. One of his first scents, 'Menthe Fraîche' (2006) is remarkable as a contemporary, elegant and highly wearable scent created from such a simple yet difficult ingredient: mint. With time his beautifully constructed, natural, light scents evolved into more complex creations such as 'Cardinal', 'Esprit du Tigre', 'Cuir Pleine Fleur' and his recent collection of ‘Extrait de Parfum’. Every detail, from the creation of the scent to the recyclable packaging is designed 'in house'. Today, Heeley is one of the few owner-founder, and independent luxury perfume houses in Europe. It is this independence that allows the creative freedom to create individual scents that are simply unique.