Jour Naper Perfumes

NYCHTA 50 ml



  • Eau de parfum 50 ml
  • Unisex
  • Character: Mysterious Notes
  • Top: Cashmere, frankincense, powder
  • Heart: Myrrh, chocolate
  • Base: Jasmine, patchouli, amber


What is the perfume of night magic?

Love and loneliness, shine and darkness, romance and vulgarity, absolution and betrayal, or else? NYCHTA! Oh yes, it is hard to capture. Hard to resist the pleasures so generously offered. Yet it was even harder for me to captivate its lure in a bottle! Everything you have ever experienced or dreamt, anything you yearned, but never came to pass, all you ever wished to reveal but feared to dare…in an addictive drop! Mysterious, lustful and irresistible, NYCHTA will be your shining armor!

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Having in its portofolio the rarest oil extracts and driven by its commitment to luxury and its provoking boldness, JOUR NAPER PERFUMES is founded in Athens in 2018 from the perfumer Giorgos Papachatzis. So, for the first time Greece acquires its own high perfumery! In the laboratory of JOUR NAPER nothing is done by chance. Loyal to its timeless values, the brand has handcrafted every perfume from its creation, to its bottles, wooden massif closing caps and boxes. All perfumes are 100% unisex since JOUR NAPER believes that there is no discrimination when it comes to perfumes. Greek Goddess Aphrodite is depicted οn the logo of each bottle, a Goddess symbolizing not only love and fertility, but also beauty - in the context of perfumery as the element that adds charm and fascination to both Gods and mortals. The bottles are handcrafted with care from European wood that comes from forests of sustainable management. Faithful to the eco-friendly philosophy, at JOUR NAPER PERFUMES you can refill your bottle in order to protect the enviroment.