Miller et Bertaux

Eau De Parfum close your eyes and…



  • Unisex
  • Volume: 100 ml
  • An olfactory experience arising on the skin like a veil
  • Vibrant zest of Sicilian lemons
    solar pulp
  • Tangerines from Calabria
  • Jasmine heart
  • Cinnamon leaves
  • 1000 antique Turkish roses
  • Heliotrope on almond bed
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Once upon a time, Miller et Bertaux, 1985. Partnets in life, artists and great travellers, Francis Miller and Patrick Bertaux put their suitcases in Paris, in the Marais. They open a shop to show their creations of clothing and objects they bring back from their travels. Some poetic words written on the white walls, large storkes of paint thrown "à la Pollock". The stage is set. Miller and Bertaux was born. Soon, they complete this universe with scents they imagine as artist-craftsmen. A bouquet of flowers resting on the ground, a besides market, a rose on the ear of an Oriental man, the smoke of a Mexican chuch... It is their lives and journeys that they find best pictures,the best stories that they transform into perfumes for women and men regardless of gender. "Fragrances for the body and the soul, dedicated to those who choose the balance of being and appearance".