Moth and Rabbit Perfumes

DOLLS 50 ml



  • Unisex
  • Eau de Parfum 50 ml
  • Top Notes: Cherry Blossom, Geranium Davana, Orange Blossom.
  • Heart Notes: Ylang Ylang, Apple Blossom, Rose Oil, Sweet Maple Accord.
  • Foundation Notes: Musk, Snow Flake Accord, Amber Gris, Cedarwood, Animalic notes.


Dolls is inspired by the 2002 film of the same name, Written, edited and
directed by Japanese director Takeshi Kitano, Dolls is a highly stylized art film that
features three distinct storylines, each with its own characters. For the most part, the
film’s three storylines are entirely self-contained, with the exception of some incidental
visual crossover. Drawing inspiration from the film’s visual emphasis on the changing
of seasons, perfumer Mark Buxton crafts a delicate fragrance that takes the wearer
on an olfactory journey that begins with spring and ends with winter. Top notes of
cherry blossom and geranium and davana work together to create the impression of
springtime—the cherry blossom imbues the fragrance with a delicately sweet floral
aroma while the geranium and the davana imbue the fragrance with an earthy-green
aroma symbolic of budding flowers and verdant new life. The heart of the
fragrance begins with the rich, floral aroma of summertime, represented by ylangylang
and apple blossom. A rich rose note serves as a bridge from summer to fall
as the seasons turn once again and a sweet maple accord brings us into the
autumn. The base notes focus entirely on winter with rich, warm notes of amber,
musk and sandalwood.


  • Landscapes
  • Seasons
  • Lovers, Abandonment, White Snow