Moth and Rabbit Perfumes




  • Unisex
  • Eau de Parfum 50 ml
  • Top Notes: Angelique Root, Peach, Green Notes, Feesia, Davana.
  • Heart Notes: Osmanthius Abs, Jasmin, Leather, Cereale Note, Hot Soft Skin Note.
  • Foundation Notes: Shoe Polish Note, Soft Animal Note Musk, Heliotrope, Cedar Wood, Virginie Sandalwood, Amber.


Duke of Burgundy is inspired on the 2014 film by Peter Strickland that
focuses on the relationship between two women. The fragrance opens with a sweet,
animalic accord that is at once musky and leathery; however, all elements remain
refined and civilized. The white florals play a prominent role in the composition and
imbue the fragrance with a retro glamor. One of the most striking aspects of the
fragrance is its textural quality—it has a current of what may be described as a
waxiness running through its core. It continues on the same trajectory for most of its
life but never seems monotonous. It shimmers and shifts in the light, always changing
yet never making a marked departure from its starting point. Simply put, Duke of
Burgundy is scintillating: a strange, multi-faceted work of olfactory art that captures
the imagination.


  • Bondage
  • Sex Games
  • The soft dust that butterflies leave
  • Silk warmed by hot skin
  • Polishing leather boots
  • Red Lipstick
  • Cognac
  • Soap water cleaning lingerie
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Established in 2016, Moth and Rabbit Perfumes (M.A.R.) is a Berlin and Paris based Contemporary Perfumery using the principle of reproduction and transformation - the symbols for Moth and Rabbit - to tell stories with and through perfumes. Under the direction of Elke Filpes and SeongNam Choi and in collaboration with the legendary perfumer Mark Buxton, M.A.R. has released 11 unisex perfumes so far, each thrillingly unique and tonally different. What interests MOTH and RABBIT PERFUMES is to create a new way to memorise scent, making every perfume a multisensory experience. Every perfume is inspired by a movie and its whole aesthetics. Through the storytelling the way to memorize becomes completely different and it leads you to a different way of knowing scents. Olfactive stories revolve around the portrayal of the contemporary society. The packaging is purpusefully very minimalistic as the scent and the story are the key elements enabling the ingredients to tell their own stories. In other words the narrative and the olfactive products dialectically help to construct, transform and reproduce each other over and over again.