The Cool Projects

Mood Of The Day Soaps



  • Natural, handmade & biodegradable
  • A set of 7 soaps, 7 colours, 7 scents and 7 moods, in a box
  • 7 packs of flakes, 7 colours, 7 scents and 7 moods
  • CURIOUS is yellow and smells of Rosemary & Sage
    HAPPY is orange and smells of Citrus Fruits & Rosewood
    LOVED is pink and smells of Jasmine & Bergamot
    SEXY is red and smells of Ylang Ylang & Bay
    CALM is violet and smells of Jasmine & Lavender
    RELAXED is blue and smells of Lavender & Chamomile
    LUCKY is green and smells of Lavender & Eucalyptus
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The Cool Projects is about fare trade, small production, crafts, design, quality vs quantity, natural handmade products, and an effort to sustain small traditional workshops. We design and produce all our products following the above principles.