Onno Jewel Black Gold Candle



  • Scent: Hot Spices | Incense | Woody
  • Black Glass Vasse
  • Number of Wicks: 4
  • Dimensions: 18×20.5 cm
  • Estimated Burning Time: 300 hours
  • Packed into Luxury Black Gift Box
  • Made in Belgium


Jewel Collection: The most exclusive collection distinguishes itself with diamond-based cutting. A design based on diamonds as they are rare, rough, nice, delicate and precious stones. Sharpened by specialised craftsmen, these candles get a luxury look. This is what our craftsmen do, they transform handmade glass into a unique piece of art. Each specialised craftsman needs a long time to reach this perfect level of cutting and create this amazing luxury glass.

How to Use

  1. Always let the candle burn until the whole surface becomes liquid.
  2. Once the whole surface becomes liquid, make sure the liquid wax never passes 1.5 cm (0.5 inches) high.
  3. Check the position of the wicks. The flames should not come too close or in direct contact with the glass. In case they bend over a bit or change position they should be pulled up again when the wax is solidifying after burning.
  4. Always ensure to remain at least 1 cm (0,5 inches) wax at the bottom of the candle to ensure the flame never reaches the glass bottom. This to ensure that the glass doesn’t overheat and to avoid risks of breaking.
  5. Never leave a lit candle unattended.
  6. Please don’t expose the candle to heat sources or wind, in such case the flame would start to wicker and give off black smoke.
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"All it took was a journey to the exotic plains of Africa. It was the feeling I encountered over there that has made ONNO Collection to what it is now. I remember the feeling so vividly; a magical sense of belonging and calm yet at the same time the experience of exhilaration as I discovered the rich scents and seductive textures of an exotic land. It was one of my dreams to bring this magical sense of belonging to you. This is what ONNO Collection represents. In Tanzania I experienced an immediate love for the country, a love that seemed to have always been living inside of me, just waiting for the moment to reveal itself. I was captivated by the rich, warm colours of nature, the spicy fragrances and luscious flowers. I couldn't wait to take these sensations and this experience back with me and share them with as many people as possible." Designer & Founder - Ilse Vandeputte