Scented Candle Ecstasy



  • Parafin
  • Aromatic Herbs From The Greek Countryside
  • Glass Vessel
  • Weight 600gr
  • Dimensions 8×9 cm
  • Color Multi
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Sophia is a brand which strives to evoke the authentic and the cultural storytelling of Greek design through ethical trade and collaborative processes. Based on our history's concept of beauty, health, endurance, strength, victory and wisdom, and inspired by all those things that have remained constant, beautiful, authentic and true, “Enjoy thinking” collection is an ever growing line of handmade home accessories, from statuettes and cushions to tableware, t-shirts and jewelry. Created exclusively in Greece and Europe, Sophia’s concept collection is the first step of an initiative aiming to generate a cultural alliance and a creative cluster supporting the sustainable development of artists and professionals involved in arts, design, fashion, arts & crafts.