Langia Tourmaline Drop Single Earring



  • 14K Yellow Gold, 1.7 gr
  • Watermelon Tourmaline Baguette: 0.55 ct
  • Pink Brown Diamond: 0.04 ct
  • Length: 1.3 cm

In Greek mythology, Langia was the Naiad-nymph of the fresh-water springs of the town of Nemea in Argolis (southern Greece). When the god Dionysos afflicted the Argive land with drought, Langia’s spring was the only one to be spared. She was a daughter of the sky-god Zeus and moon-goddess Selene and the sister of Ersa (goddess of the plant-nourishing dew) and Pandeia (goddess of the full moon). Watermelon Tourmaline is a rare kind of Tourmaline that exhibits pink, white, and green colors all within one crystal, making you think of a watermelon. Featuring 3 different colors, the watermelon tourmaline is sometimes referred to as “the gateway to inner self” or the “master heart crystal” as it encourages compassion for others and for yourself while enhancing innate healing abilities. Pink diamonds are extremely rare among all color diamonds. Only 0.01 percent of all diamonds in the world are pink. Pink diamonds have so far only been discovered in a few localities in Indonesia, India, Russia, Canada, Brazil and Australia. There are various shades of pink diamond including purplish-pink diamonds, brownish-pink shades of the stone, and diamonds with an orange-pink hue. They are a symbol of creativity, femininity, and romance.


The Dewdrop Collection captures the magic and beauty found in the early hours of the morning, when nature is still silent and calm with early morning dewdrops still clinging to the grass and leaves.

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"I studied Literature and Drama at Queen Mary University of London, Method acting at RADA and obtained a Masters Degree in Cultural and Creative Industries from King’s College continuing to explore the inner psychological worlds of different characters in literary plays and novel adaptations.After nine years in London, a beautiful but unexpected acquaintance led me to Paris where I discovered the aesthetic values and style of the French. I had the luck to live in the most quaint neighbourhood of Paris, the Marais, where I was inspired by the charm of Rue Charlot , Rue de Sévigné and Rue Pastourelle, and got acquainted with the local Parisian artisanal products.After a couple of years in Paris I became a mother of two girls and I spent long hours thinking of the day that I would be offering my daughters unique jewellery pieces just like my grandmother offered me. This was the initial spark that inspired to create my own pieces derived from my own personal stories.To me the eternal value of jewellery is a symbol of ever-lasting love and now that my grandma has passed away, I feel her presence in the stories that each of her jewellery piece carries.The name Alkemeya was born out of my love for long lost civilisations and philosophies. The word encapsulates the spirituality of the branch of natural philosophy called Alchemy. Inspired by ancient Egyptian mythology, Kēme means black earth and refers to the fertile and auriferous soil of the Nile Valley. Alchemists attempted to purify, mature, and perfect certain materials into noble metals particularly gold through a seemingly magical process. The perfection of the human body and soul was thought to result from the ‘alchemical Magnus Opus’ and, in the Hellenistic and Western mystery tradition, the achievement of ‘gnosis’.To me Alchemy is an allegory for the magical process of jewellery making. Each Alkemēya collection has a story and each piece has a symbolic meaning giving special properties to its owner." Daphne Tsitsiliani