Diamonds and Pearls Cufflinks



  • Rhodium plated Sterling silver
  • Two Mabe Tahitian pearls of 12mm diameter
  • Blue diamonds, approx 0.055 ct


Men deserve luxury too. Mabe Tahitian pearls match diamonds in these odd pair of cufflinks. A pentagon and a hexagon, different angles of prestigious personalities; just because every anomy artwork is unique – literally.

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Russia. The Pacific islands. The Middle East. The Far East.  The Indian Peninsula. The Caribbean. Anomy founder, Katerina Marmagioli has lived in them all over the last fifteen years, she was exposed to incredible styles and cultures, and learned to appreciate the beauty and elegance of art in all its forms. It was these experiences that led her to begin a career in jewelry design. Katerina has a special imagination that allows her to create unconventional, fresh pieces. She says: “The idea behind my jewelry is to make harmony and beauty out of elements that don’t automatically match.” Since Katerina remembers, she received a gold coin for Christmas from her grandmother- this taught her to respect precious metals, which she always uses for Anomy pieces.  Katerina learned Tahitian Pearl classification at the Cook Island Pearl Authority in Rarotonga, Cook Islands, and all the gemological aspects of pearls at the GIA (Gemological Institute of America).  She qualified as a Diamond Grader at HRD in Antwerp, Belgium, and learned Jewelry design at Central Saint Martins in London. Katerina handpicks the best material all over the world: She chooses the pearls herself in the Pacific and in Hong Kong, the diamonds in Antwerp and the colored gemstones in Idar Oberstein, Germany. She is renowned for her asymmetric design in earrings and rings, as well as her versatile necklaces that can be fashioned in several ways. Katerina’s pieces are so unique, and different from the norm, that they aren’t constrained by normal rules – they’re suitable for wear during all types of occasions, and aren’t targeted at any particular age group.