Sea and Berries Earrings



  • 18k yellow gold
  • One purple fluorite, 3.80ct Emerald cut
  • One blue chalcedony, 7.90ct cabochon square
  • One blue amazonite, 14.70ct, drop cabochon
  • One pink-purple freshwater pearl (Edison), 13.75mm


Katerina chose the gemstones at Idar Oberstein, the European center of gem-cutting of high quality gems – with the purpose to match the different and to play with the colour.

As for the pearl, she found it in Hong Kong, during her visit at a very reputable pearl producer, who specialises on Edison pearls. Edison pearls are high quality freshwater pearls, cultivated using a newest technique borrowed by South-Sea pearls: only one pearl is cultured in each mollusk.  As a result, Edison pearls are much larger sized pearls, compared to the usual freshwater pearls, rounder, with bright luster and colour.  The pink-purple colour of this pearl is untreated.

Style wise, these earrings are mismatched but still classic, they can be worn from morning to evening, at any occasion, adding a classy edge on the looks.