Ermes Bracelet



Ermes: The eloquent Ermes Collection channels the eternal wanderlust of the winged herald into charismatic creations. Smooth polished contours beckon your touch. Earrings, rings and bracelets are sculpted into confident swoops and contemporary curves; while a single dramatic pendant plants this rakish messenger of the gods close to your heart.Forged by hand from pure silver – the element of illumination and reflection; modernity and purification – the result is pleasingly substantial to the eye. Yet compellingly light to wear. As if poised to take wing.

A bracelet with smooth polished contours that beckon your touch; sculpted into contemporary curves and inspired by the iconic symbol of god Ermes, the wing.


  • Bracelet
  • Polished Silver 925
  • Weight: 38 gr
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Dimitris Huffy Stavropoulos was trained as a goldsmith by his father, at the 40year old family workshop and worked for 8 years as a designer of the most tradional Greek-style jewellery brand, before deciding to lunch Huffy Jewels to express his own creative voice. His creative process is profoundlyesoteric, drawing upon elements and forms as a source of inspiration. Extremely passionate about his work, he sees jewels not only as decorative elements, but as unique design pieces created with superior craftsmanship. Learn about the Designer