Dori Mouzannar

Meteor Small Studs



Meteor Collection: Born from the idea of mother nature’s beauty, meteor pieces are unique because they contain many different sizes of stones and many different shades of color. No two pieces are ever alike. Elegant curves are made apparent in every individual piece.


  • Stud Earrings
  • 18K Yellow Gold
  • Weight 3.44 gr
  • Rubies 0.99 ct
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Dori Mouzannar joined the family business in 1991 after receiving his degree in economics in London and continuing with a specialization in gemology. His artistic vision and sense of perfection led him to put together a skilled team of workers and renewed the company workshops. His designs introduce modernity to traditional jewelry, creating a timeless and unique character within each individual piece. Keeping in line with his ancestor’s heritage, Dori has a daring style oriented towards seduction. Performance, engineering, brilliance embody his vision. Dori also designed bespoke pieces for Human Rights Watch, such as the Meteor ring and bracelet that were created to envision a global society built on justice and injustice, and were auctioned at Christie’s in London.