Fighting Misery Is Your Obligation


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Choose the Imisi accessory with the phrase that best expresses your thoughts, your feelings, your point of view. Then keep on with your life. Enjoy, speak, run, think, cry, talk, meet, smile, work, love, travel but… keep your eyes open! There is someone around your world, who has chosen an imisi with a phrase that matches yours. Someone who is looking for you or someone you are looking for. You two can meet anywhere: on the street, at work, in a bus, in a bar even at the post office! Compare your imisi phrases, and if they match... you have just found your other half! A soul mate in friendship, in love, in enjoyment, in the way of thinking. If then again the phrases don't match, you can be sure that you met someone who will be thinking of you as long as you keep on searching! By the way, in case you already know the person you want to share this experience with, all you have to do is to offer an imisi with the phrase that “completes” your own! And if you want to find out where this idea came from, just read "THE MYTH"!