Ioanna Souflia

Adieu Rose and Black Gold Ring



  • Adieu Collection
  • 14K rose gold, black gold
  • Bardiglio Imperiale and Thasos marble
  • Grey round brilliant cut diamonds 0.07ct
  • Size: 54


In a multicolor homage to the two previous collections that introduced her sculptural fine jewelry, Ioanna Souflia presents Adieu. As crisp lines and feminine curves continue to complement each other in Ioanna Souflia’s unique design aesthetic, the strict division of color becomes blur. Rose and black gold, grey Bardiglio Imperiale and white Thasos marble, white and grey round brilliant cut diamonds merge in a limited number of four pieces shaping an enchanting farewell to the iconic stone.

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Through the dominant presence of sculpture, the captivating decoration of Art Deco, the elegant simplicity of Minimalism, the powerful awe of Futurism and the softness of organic beauty, Ioanna Souflia seeks to embody these sentiments into jewelry and designs her own world of unique adornments that set out to differentiate the wearer. Learn about the designer