Flora Necklace


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  • Dots Collection
  • Pendant
  • Gold 9k
  • Available in Yellow and Rose Gold
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Inspired by the perfect imperfections of nature, Huffy introduces the “Dots Collection”, a nod to minimalist luxury effortlessly capturing the volatile nature of the universe. The collection includes rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings shaped by a discreet shower of golden dots, occasionally adorned with diamonds and precious stones. Referencing the effortless equilibrium of mother nature, it’s a play on the inherent femininity of organic matter. The “Dots Collection” is the A to Z of nature, capturing the essence of the cosmos, from the ethereal quality of flower pollen and the infinity of the sand grain, to the cosmic beauty of planetary formations. Making a statement without declaring war on the senses, each piece is a precious whisper perfectly in tune with everyday life.

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Dimitris Huffy Stavropoulos was trained as a goldsmith by his father, at the 40year old family workshop and worked for 8 years as a designer of the most tradional Greek-style jewellery brand, before deciding to lunch Huffy Jewels to express his own creative voice. His creative process is profoundlyesoteric, drawing upon elements and forms as a source of inspiration. Extremely passionate about his work, he sees jewels not only as decorative elements, but as unique design pieces created with superior craftsmanship.