Ioanna Souflia

Atelier D’Or Earrings


  • 14K Yellow Gold


Atelier Collection: Atelier presents individually intriguing pieces conceived as a body of cells generated from each other. Drawing inspiration from Constantin Brancusi’s “Timidity” and “Young Bird” pedestal and following his vision for the unity of his work, Ioanna Souflia opens a dialogue with his forms. Reafirming Souflia’s approach to jewelry this collection employs sculptural custom-cut Chrysoprase and Chromium Chalcedony, brilliant cut diamonds, graphic and voluminous yellow gold silhouettes to create her signature wearable sculptures. True to her design aesthetic and the challenging craftmanship of her work, Atelier is a collection of singular collectibles for the modern woman.

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Through the dominant presence of sculpture, the captivating decoration of Art Deco, the elegant simplicity of Minimalism, the powerful awe of Futurism and the softness of organic beauty, Ioanna Souflia seeks to embody these sentiments into jewelry and designs her own world of unique adornments that set out to differentiate the wearer. Learn about the designer