Katerina Marmagioli

Mediterranean Garden Treasure Ring


Bliss Collection

Dry gardens or Mediterranean gardens are not so heavy on flowers, but you can see there all the greens you remember, and you can smell the amazing aromas of sage, lavender and rosemary. Come closer to the ring, how many aromas can you smell?


  • Yellow Gold 14K
  • One Freshwater White Pearl
  • One Green Amethyst (prassiolite) 10 x 12 mm
  • One Clear Quartz
  • Three Blue Topaz
  • 12 Diamonds
  • Black Enamel

The Bliss Collection is full of happy colour combinations, without drama. Every bliss jewel is a happy reminder of jolly moments of love, curiosity, beauty.

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Russia. The Pacific islands. The Middle East. The Far East.  The Indian Peninsula. The Caribbean. Katerina Marmagioli has lived in them all over the last fifteen years, she was exposed to incredible styles and cultures, and learned to appreciate the beauty and elegance of art in all its forms. It was these experiences that led her to begin a career in jewelry design. Katerina has a special imagination that allows her to create unconventional, fresh pieces. She says: “The idea behind my jewelry is to make harmony and beauty out of elements that don’t automatically match.” Learn about the designer