Katerina Marmagioli

Medusa Coral Ring



  • 18K Rose Gold
  • One Fancy shape Angel Skin Coral
  • Twelve Red Tourmalines
  • Four cabochon Chrysoprase
  • Twelve White Diamonds
  • Size: 47

Medusa Coral Gold Ring with an Angel skin fancy shape coral, surrounded by pink tourmalines, chrysoprase and diamonds.

For us Greeks, coral was born from the petrified blood of Medusa, they mythical monster, after she was killed by Perseus.

The Medusa ring is all about the magic of myth, the rarity, shine and fancy shape of the Angel Skin coral, and the unapologetically feminine power of all tones of pink (on the tourmalines, the coral and the rose gold).

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Russia. The Pacific islands. The Middle East. The Far East.  The Indian Peninsula. The Caribbean. Katerina Marmagioli has lived in them all over the last fifteen years, she was exposed to incredible styles and cultures, and learned to appreciate the beauty and elegance of art in all its forms. It was these experiences that led her to begin a career in jewelry design. Katerina has a special imagination that allows her to create unconventional, fresh pieces. She says: “The idea behind my jewelry is to make harmony and beauty out of elements that don’t automatically match.” Learn about the designer