Grand Bleu Necklace with Big Blue Enameled Eye & Black Diamonds


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  • 14K Rose Gold
  • Big Bue Enameled Eyes
  • White Brilliant cut Diamonds: 0.096 ct
  • Black Brilliant cut Diamonds: 0.09 ct
  • Chain Length: 42.3 cm

Tu Es Partout Collection

Always there, the ever seeing eye standing strong and looking at you. A surrealistic talisman with a different story for each and every one of us. A traditional symbol of protection transformed into a constant reminder to keep your eyes open, look, observe, create, live and find beauty everywhere. All eyes are individually hand painted & enamelled and therefore color shades will vary.

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Lito Karakostanoglou's elegant and rare ability to gracefully roam between the realms of modernism, romance, futurism, science, ancient tribes and tradition is a sui generis finishing touch that few visionary artists can achieve. Since she finished her studies at the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts de Paris, Lito has been creating a stunning, multi-collection of jewellery. Inspired by her travels and interest in couture fashion, she has created enchanting pieces with a seductive.modern and distinctive allure. Learn about the designer